A Family of Companies With a Singular Focus.

The Golden State Company, based in Los Angeles and Atlanta, is an organization innovating at the intersection of media and marketing. We are an interconnected house of lifestyle brands and companies operating in the digital media, e-commerce and agency markets. We strive to serve our audiences, customers and partners honestly and passionately; and to deliver compelling products, content and services that improve their lives and drive their businesses forward.

“For a large number of global brands, the attributes found in the California ethos–optimism, innovation and boldness–are central to their definition. Nobody captures this better than Golden State.” Musa Tariq
The Strength of our Network

A Connected Network of Media Brands and Agencies, Organized Around a Shared Ethos.

Moontide thrives on big ideas. More than an agency, Moontide is a growth partner for brands with bold aspirations. We are catalysts for innovative thinking, turning ideas into actions — and positive change.

Emergent is a rapidly growing network of digital media brands including category leaders such as Paradise, SHLTR, Golden State, Cabinfeed, California Love and Surfers. Taking a millennial-minded approach to traditional lifestyle categories, we create premium content and thoughtful cross-channel campaigns that connect leading brands with a global community of highly-engaged Modern Explorers.

Purpose-built to help creative agencies level up and expand their media capabilities, Media Circus provides best-in-class media planning and buying services for our partners and their clients. We track end-to-end insights and tweak constantly throughout the campaign to ensure data-driven results that maximize creative brilliance and create ultra-effective results.

Driftward is a direct-to-consumer ecommerce property offering premium fine art photography from a network of established and emerging creators. Showcasing a hand-picked selection of images that inspire a spirit of adventure and discovery, Driftward connects photographers with a global audience for their art and the stories behind its creation.

Our collection of regional media brands offers a diverse platform that combines print titles, highly-engaged digital and social communities, and live events. These vibrant brands include: Southbay, Southbay HOME and Southbay HEALTH—serving the iconic beach cities of Southern California; Ventura Blvd—reaching the most active and affluent communities of L.A.’s San Fernando Valley; and SheSez—a podcast and community of women for women interested in succeeding on their own.

Charlie Koones
Managing Partner
Emily Baker
Partner & Brand Publisher
Warren Schaffer
Partner, Media & Distribution
Tresa Gowland
Managing Director, Client Services
Darren Elms
Managing Director, Regional Lifestyle Media
Charles Simmons
Managing Director, Technology
Jennifer Klawin
Managing Director, Emergent Media
“Ideas are like rabbits, you get a couple and learn how to handle them and pretty soon you have a dozen.” John Steinbeck

We're Building Something Exciting. Come Join Us.

At The Golden State Company, we’re building a connected family of media brands and agencies. We believe that these two areas of focus each make the other stronger and, ultimately, are rooted in the same art: storytelling.

As an ethos, we celebrate optimism, boldness, honesty, creativity and innovation, and we like to work with brands and people who do the same. If this sounds like you, we’d love to get introduced.