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The Golden State Company is a dynamic house of media brands and agencies connecting thoughtful, active and forward-looking audiences everywhere with inspiring content and campaigns.

As our name suggests, we’re proudly made in California, and our ideas and vibe have been shaped by this place we call home. Our ethos is to celebrate the qualities that define this diverse, vibrant state: optimism, boldness, honesty, creativity and innovation.

While we will always remain grounded here, we are a diverse company with global reach. We work with a national network of lifestyle brand partners, creating content and campaigns for their audiences across all platforms.

“For a large number of global brands, the attributes found in the California ethos–optimism, innovation and boldness–are central to their definition. Nobody captures this better than Golden State.” Musa Tariq

A Connected Network of Media Brands and Agencies, Organized Around a Shared Ethos.

Moon Tide is a full-service creative, media, content and business development agency led by principals with a long record of entrepreneurial vision and operational success. We bring astute perspective and ideas to our partners and savor the process of solving problems and driving growth. Moon Tide has offices in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and Atlanta.

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Paradise is a global lifestyle and adventure brand fostering a loyal community of over 2.4 million people globally. Every day fans join our community seeking inspiration for their next adventure. The Paradise team collaborates with some of the best creators, tastemakers, and athletes across all sectors. We ideate and create custom campaigns leveraging our global community and creator relationships to drive growth for our advertising partners.

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Golden State is a digital media and entertainment company for forward-looking humans everywhere. We’re curators of the California dream—an ever-evolving lifestyle that shapes the way the world thinks and lives. With stories rooted in people, ideas and culture, our content explores the arts, food, wellness, entrepreneurship, sustainability and the outdoors. Our reach is planetary, across a network of video programming, digital editorial and engaging live events.

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Emergent is Golden State’s media strategy and execution division for leading marketers everywhere. Our seasoned experts help our clients reach their customers in the most efficient and effective ways across the media spectrum. With intelligent data, vast experience and cutting edge technology, Emergent delivers engaged audiences with innovative, end-to-end, omnichannel campaigns.

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Serving the iconic beach cities of Southern California, Southbay is one of the nation’s most vibrant regional media brands. What began as a lifestyle magazine more than a decade ago is today a diverse and interconnected content platform that comprises three print titles, highly engaged digital and social communities, a video production studio and dozens of live events each year.

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Ventura Blvd is a dynamic regional media brand serving the most active and affluent communities of L.A.’s San Fernando Valley. With the area’s premier lifestyle magazine, highly engaged digital and social media communities, and a steady stream of live events, Ventura Blvd is much like the vibrant boulevard of its title. It’s a shared experience—an essential part of the fabric that binds residents and businesses in the burgeoning Valley.

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For 25 years, Gentry has been the editorial voice of Silicon Valley and the broader San Francisco Bay area. With a network of digital media, a monthly lifestyle magazine and a vibrant live events calendar, Gentry connects the residents of this essential, creative and entrepreneurial community and shares their stories with the world.

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SheSez is a community of women for women—all of whom are interested in succeeding on their own terms. A podcast and digital platform hosted by journalist Linda Grasso, it’s remarkable women sharing their stories so that others can learn from their unique journeys. Each 30-minute podcast covers the bases from practical tips to radical inspiration—and everything in between.

With guests ranging from entrepreneurs and innovators to leaders in health and wellness, SheSez educates, inspires and provokes. It’s a master class for the modern woman.

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As ongoing legalization stokes exponential growth in the cannabis business, a multibillion-dollar lifestyle category has emerged, powered by a nation of recreational, medicinal and wellness consumers. With natural connections to music, art, food, travel, entertainment and fashion, cannabis is already a staple of our popular culture. Budding Republic is an online content destination and social community—a digital salon of stories and ideas—for the people, products and companies at the heart of the world’s fastest-growing industry. Launching Spring 2019.

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Premium-quality branded content. Digital advertising. Lifestyle print. Engaging live experiences. Distributed across our network and beyond, we help leading and emerging lifestyle brands make meaningful and measurable connections with their desired audiences.


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Partner, Media & Distribution
“Ideas are like rabbits, you get a couple and learn how to handle them and pretty soon you have a dozen.” John Steinbeck

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At The Golden State Company, we’re building a connected family of media brands and agencies. We believe that these two areas of focus each make the other stronger and, ultimately, are rooted in the same art: storytelling.

As an ethos, we celebrate optimism, boldness, honesty, creativity and innovation, and we like to work with brands and people who do the same. If this sounds like you, we’d love to get introduced.